Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories Come to Roxbury

Re-posted from Short Compositions on Life, Art, PR and More (originally posted on 3.3.2011)

“Have you ever thought of the beauty shop as more of a parlor than a place where women go to get a haircut? Faye Lane did more than that: as a chubby yet sweet little girl growing up in her mama’s beauty salon in Texas, Lane imagined that the beauty shop’s floor was her stage. And the ladies sitting quietly under the hood dryers were her audience. Lane would grab a hairbrush to use as a microphone, and then start singing songs that she heard on the radio or at the church. The ladies in the audience, sometimes delighted sometimes unconvinced, would hand her a couple of banana Moon Pies, her childhood favorite dessert.
Meanwhile, the little girl from Texas went to London, Los Angeles and New York to study voice and drama, and replaced the hairbrush with a real microphone. Instead of performing in front of eight ladies sitting under the dryers, now Faye Lane performs in front of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people.
Faye Lane is many things: a talented singer, a beautiful actress, a comedienne, but above all she is an exquisite storyteller. In 2007 she won the Moth StorySlam award in New York, and in 2008 she won it in Los Angeles, being the only storyteller to have won this prestigious award on both coasts.”

Read full article in this week’s issue of The O-Town Scene magazine at page 18:


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