Humans of the Catskills: Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Melissa Holbrook Pierson / Photo Credit: Robert Krause

Journey to the Catskills:

I followed my dog! She needed bigger pastures than I could give her in Brooklyn. She was so happy on the long trails through deep woods here.


If it has to do with books, I do it: write them, edit them, review them, and proofread them*.


Motorcycling. It’s in my heart.

Happiness Is:

Making a summer dinner from ingredients harvested that day in the vegetable garden.

Favorite Dish:

Spanakopita is the ideal dish for me, a vegetarian of Greek heritage. I make a tasty one!

*Read about Pierson’s work at and

Her iconic book “The Perfect Vehicle: What Is It About Motorcycles” was published by W. W. Norton & Company in 1998 and is described by The New Yorker as “a polished, winding meditation on the theory and fractiousness of motorcycles.”