Humans of the Catskills: Joseph Loverro

Joseph Loverro

Journey to the Catskills:

It started in my hometown of Philadelphia. I attended Temple University and was supposed to be studying to eventually become a doctor, but fate and the school radio station WRTI-FM intervened. After I got a three-hour weekly radio show, I wanted a career in broadcasting. That’s what I got. I’ve worked as a DJ, then General Manager at a few radio stations from Philly to Albany, NY and Burlington, VT and more. In 2010, I was managing WQQQ FM in Sharon, CT (as well as being on air and doing marketing) when Guy Garraghan of WRIP in Windham, here in the Catskills, passed away and at the same time, my station in Sharon was being sold and I was going through a divorce. So, all those events led to me being asked to come to Windham to replace Guy. Both radio stations were owned by the same company. So, I’ve been doing that. I am no longer the general manager, but as I get older, that’s a good thing. I can still do what I love.


Radio. Every facet, from being an on-air personality to marketing, advertising, and some engineering. Still love it after all these years. 


Radio, Astronomy/Space, Trains, History, Music (I played piano until neuropathy in my hands stopped that). I like most genres from Classical to Rock to Old Country and more. Reading. I like thrillers, history books, biographies, politics. I prefer real hardcover books as opposed to reading on the internet or even audio books. And I must mention food. I am a foodie. Sports. The Eagles Football team and Phillies Baseball.

Happiness Is:

Being content with what I have. A woman I love. Family – I have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

Favorite Dish:

Chicken Francese and Chicken Parmesan with Pasta. Barbecue of any sort.

Ideal Country Home:

A log home in the mountains with plenty of windows, or a Cape Cod with a white picket fence on flat ground.