Humans of the Catskills: Linda Norris

Journey to the Catskills: I came to the Catskills – more accurately, Delaware County, decades ago, as the first-time director of the Delaware County Historical Association. I still remember that time – almost 13 years as director! – as a time of intense learning, including some lessons about communities and museums I still use today. I’m the rare person who came here for a job, and I … Continue reading Humans of the Catskills: Linda Norris

BOOK RELEASE: The Zadock Pratt Museum Coloring Book

The Zadock Pratt Museum has just released a coloring book for adults, essentially a collection of historical quilts accompanied by text and drawings that provide a unique perspective of the region’s settlement history. Inspired by the 2018 exhibition titled “Undercover Stories,” the book was funded by The A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation and The Nicholas J. Juried Family Foundation. The exhibition, the brainchild … Continue reading BOOK RELEASE: The Zadock Pratt Museum Coloring Book

Zadock Pratt Museum History Award Recipients

The Zadock Pratt Museum’s 2019 History Award Recipients are: Janelle Conine Maurer, Donald B. Teator, Kevin Berner and Ginny Scheer, all recognized for their outstanding work in the local and regional history of the Tri-County area of Delaware, Greene and Schoharie Counties. The Award Ceremony took place on September 28 at Villa Vosilla in Tannersville, New York. This year marks the Zadock Pratt Museum’s sixtieth … Continue reading Zadock Pratt Museum History Award Recipients

Catskill Tri-County Historical Views

Look for Catskill Tri-County Historical Views’ latest issue (June 2019) to read about Art in the Catskills and other cultural projects as well as the history of the region. Learn about “How Art Is Made: In The Catskills,” reviewed by Leslie T. Sharpe, “Picturing America: Thomas Cole and the Birth of American Art,” reviewed by Elizabeth B. Jacks, “Mohonk and the Smileys: A National Historic … Continue reading Catskill Tri-County Historical Views