Humans of the Catskills: Rebecca Andre

Rebecca Andre / Photo Credit: Mark Andre

Journey to the Catskills:

Growing up on farms in Harford County, MD, I was used to wide open spaces. After high school, much to the sorrow of my identical twin sister, I followed a boy and relocated to Bucks County, PA. That relationship ended. Still, I stayed for 18 years, apprenticing with designer Carolyn Fell and eventually landed my dream job as set stylist at QVC Studios. Then I became a mom. My husband Mark and I realized that suburbia was not the life we wanted for our daughter Isabella. On our many road trips, we’d find ourselves winding our way through the Catskills, and fell in love with these mountains. In 2010 we bought a little cabin for a weekend escape. In 2013, we added to that cabin, sold the family business in Pennsylvania, and moved here for good. So far, we’ve lasted nine winters. 


Entrepreneur, photographer, and writer. Currently the Tour Coordinator for AMR Artists Inc. and owner of Catskill Media.


My hobby is the same as my work: photography. I enjoy chasing waterfalls, sunsets, trains, and the ever-changing landscapes with my camera. When inspired, I write poetry. I also love foraging these mountains for wild edibles and mushrooms, and tapping trees to make my own maple syrup.

Happiness Is:

The sun on my face.

Favorite Dish:

My favorite dish is my mom’s lasagna. She isn’t up to making it herself these days, so I inherited the recipe. And yes, Mom can tell if I take a short cut and use no-bake noodles.

Ideal Country Home:

I am lucky enough to live in my ideal country home: a log cabin on the side of a mountain on a dead-end road, surrounded by trees, wildlife, and the sound of moving water.

*Andre’s ‘Wawaka Lake Creature’ is currently on display  at The 31st Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit Essential Art at Cooperstown Art Association. She is also a participating artist in the 2022 AMR Open Studios Tour.