Humans of the Catskills: Patrice Lorenz

Patrice Lorenz

Journey to the Catskills:

Over 25 years ago I inherited a property in the Bronx from my Aunt Margaret. I was living in the Lower East Side in Manhattan at the time and couldn’t see myself making a move to the Bronx. A lot of people I knew were moving to the Phoenicia area then, so I sold the Bronx house and came Upstate to look around. I noticed a place on the map called Margaretville, and I thought I should look there, in honor of my Aunt. I fell in love with my current home at first glance and, after years of being a weekender, have been living here full-time with my husband Ted for the past three years.


I worked in the field of Art Education for my entire professional career. I was an Artist in Residence with the Studio in a School Association, I taught Art in a progressive public elementary school, The Earth School, in the East Village for 25 years and as an associate professor at Pratt Institute, NYU, City College and Empire State College. I had students of all ages and learned so much working with them.


I sometimes feel like I’ve finally graduated from being in school! Now I spend my days working in my studio, painting, drawing, collaging, sculpting, and experimenting with new ideas and materials. It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many interesting and supportive artists and to have the time and space to create.

Happiness Is:

If I stop and take a moment to look around, breathe in and out, happiness is all around.

Favorite Dish:

My latest favorite thing to cook is scones. I found a simple recipe that can be modified to be either savory or sweet. I make a big batch and then share them with friends.