Humans of the Catskills: Joe Mahoney

Joe Mahoney

Journey to the Catskills:

While I began life in the hustle and bustle of a Boston neighborhood, I went to Vermont after college and started a weekly paper. I got into the rural groove there, but I decided that as a young reporter I needed more action around me (along with dental benefits) so I relocated to Albany for my next gig. After a long run there, and being desirous of returning to reporting, I joined the staff of the Oneonta paper, specializing in rural development controversies – the fracked gas pipeline projects, etc. I decided this is where I want to be until the next bout of wanderlust sets in. I’m now in Schoharie County, a beautiful place indeed.


Reporting daily news is great for those of us in search of adrenaline, learning something new every day and talking to folks who’d like the world to be a better place. I get to learn at least a little about a lot.


I collect records – rock, blues, soul, R&B, jazz, folk, New Wave, the word “indie” awaits admission to my lexicon. The best treat, though, is going to a live performance. Photography has been in my past and will definitely be in my future. The bookshelves overflow with Irish nonfiction and fiction.

Happiness Is:

Knowing my children have blossomed into such outstanding, resourceful, and conscientious human beings. Time spent with family and friends. And hiking in the woods or walking along the beaches of New England and Southern California.

Favorite Dish:

Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry. And just about all Thai food. Did I mention the auld neighborhood in Boston has the city’s best Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, well beyond the tourist traps? Locally, I try to get to the Mill Pond Inn in Jefferson when possible, and enjoy the conviviality of our local pub, Chieftans, owned by a couple of lads from County Tipperary, Ireland.