Humans of the Catskills: Clover Archer

Clover Archer

Journey to the Catskills:

I came to the Catskills on an artist’s residency at the Prattsville Art Center in 2019. I decided it was fated to be when I found out that the director of the Prattsville Art Center is the amazing Nancy Barton, with whom I studied at NYU twenty years ago.


In my “day job” I am the director of an academic art gallery where I wear all the hats: curator, educator, installer, archivist, event planner, publicist, art handler, and more.


I am an artist. To me, this means I can be anything I imagine in my studio. I am an artist/detective, an artist/historian, an artist/researcher, an artist/chronicler of inklings, an artist/organizer of random information. I make drawings, photographs, texts, installations, videos, and conjure up my own magic.

Happiness Is:

Free time, little dogs, free time, rainy days, free time, a productive studio day, free time.

Favorite Dish:

Currently, I am obsessed with fresh lima beans. They are very difficult to find and only available for a few weeks in July. Lima beans have a bad reputation, but fresh lima beans are sublime.

Ideal Country Home:

My ideal Country Home would be situated on a body of water (preferably a lake) with plenty of privacy and not too far away from a charming hamlet.