Humans of the Catskills: Joseph Piasek

Joseph Piasek

Journey to the Catskills:

We came here initially to visit my lovely wife Jane’s sister in Margaretville (whose wonderfully funky farmhouse went up in a flurry of flames and gunfire) – that was halfway between our home in Stamford (CT) and Syracuse (NY) where my son was attending college. When we discovered there was no radio station here, we gathered up the support to start one in Roxbury (WIOX Community Radio 91.3 FM


Luck and sweat of the brow have provided a pathway from infamy (please see Howard Stern: King of All Media, Colford, 1996; and Stealing All Transmissions, Doane, 2015) to a SUNY professorship. We’ve recently launched a new B.S. in Applied Communication at SUNY Delhi in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Apply now!


Multi-genre jamming. Our latest iteration is Loose Canon, a fine group of aged Beatles fans playing a repertoire of ‘60s hits and misses. Book now before it’s too late at 800-622-1992 or email I am also adept at crayons, although others might disagree. 

Happiness Is:

Happiness is seeing our kids grow and thrive: Knoah, Liz, Zelda, Dan, Beth, Emery, KT, Adam, Billy, Jeffer, Yunah; deep appreciation for the Catskills air and water; remaining somewhat intact here in the hills; and… please see previous question/answer. 

Favorite Dish:

Yes! When not able to drive to New Haven for a Pepe’s white clam, I roll out thin dough and burn pizza pie topped with kind of anchovies and hot pepper flakes you can buy in a jar at Adams in Kingston.

Ideal Country Home:

A place for the kids and grandkids to frolic (when they visit from Hawaii and L.A.). In our case, it’s the birth home of Jay Gould, just around the corner from John Burroughs’ Woodchuck Lodge.